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“Eventflow has streamlined the management of our flagship events, reducing overall admin time and freeing staff to maximise our Partners' ROI.”
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Guests attend Goodwood Revival


Goodwood Partners

Set in 12,000 acres of glorious Sussex countryside and home to three of the world's biggest and most prestigious sporting events: Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, and Qatar Goodwood Festival, Goodwood is an English country estate like no other.

Since their 2015 events season, Eventflow has streamlined Goodwood's event management processes and freed the Partnership Management Team to focus on what they do best: support sponsors and exhibitors and nurture long-term partnerships.

When we began working with Goodwood in the autumn of 2014, they had just moved from printed A5 paper event manuals to PDFs and now wanted a fully digital solution. They had tried off-the-shelf event manual applications, but nothing was quite suitable for their particular requirements.

Over several months, we built a bespoke solution from the ground up. The brief was clear, to move all of their essential event information online and streamline how sponsors and exhibitors submit forms and other vital information. Goodwood was also keen to allow sponsors and exhibitors to independently invite their agencies and contractors to the system.

"Since 2015, Eventflow has streamlined the management of our flagship events. The application has become an integral part of our partnership management process. By automating many of our processes, we have dramatically reduced admin time and improved the overall experience and ROI for our Partners."
Partnership Management Team, Goodwood

The resulting application, Eventflow, exceeded the original brief. Efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly, it’s become integral to Goodwood's partnership management process. By automating day-to-day management processes, Eventflow has reduced admin time, so Goodwood staff enjoy more time to support their sponsors.

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