What is an Exhibitor Manual?

In this article, we explore the benefits of an exhibitor manual and how it can streamline your processes and workflow, saving both time and resources.
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Your event bible…

An Exhibitor Manual is a key administrative tool to your event. It benefits both the event organiser and their exhibitors by streamlining processes and workflow, saving both time and resource, resulting in improved customer relationships and greater ROI.
Everything in one place
From build, to access, to guest information
Everything an exhibitor needs to know
To help them exhibit successfully at your event
A great resource for event staff
To help streamline your event management

Your Exhibitor Manual is a place to collate ALL your event information to help onboard your exhibitors to your event.

This can include:

  • General Event Information
  • Build up and Breakdown Rules and Regulations
  • Health & Safety Rules
  • Access
  • Ticketing
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Onsite hospitality options
  • Maps and Plans
  • Deadlines
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Updates
  • Relevant contact details

And much, much more dependent on the size and scale of your event.

Everything an exhibitor needs to know

For it to be effective each subject matter must be clearly labelled to ensure relevant information can be found easily and it must be simple to navigate.In short, an effective manual must contain everything an exhibitor needs to know in order to exhibit well at your event.  

In turn, it gives the event organiser peace of mind that they have communicated everything they need to for their event to run successfully and safely.
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How can an Event Manual improve relationships?

Whatever the size of your event, there are always various processes, rules and regulations, health and safety documentation and general information that you need to make your exhibitors aware of. In our experience, this goes out in the form of word documents, pdfs and a LOT of repetitive emails, which can be very time consuming and actually get in the way of managing your exhibitor relationships.

It is sometimes hard to keep track of who you have sent what to and what bits of information you are still waiting on from each exhibitor. There is a general feeling from the event organiser of always chasing and from the exhibitor of always being chased. This is where an Exhibitor Manual comes to the rescue to improve team efficiency by coordinating and simplifying processes, automating tasks and streamlining workflow.  

From an exhibitor point of view your event might be their main event of the year or it could be one of many.  Either way, it can be hard to justify internally exactly what they are getting for their money and how they will maximise every opportunity at each event.  As the event organiser, you obviously want to make this as clear as possible in the form of an Exhibitor Manual to ensure your exhibitors get a great ROI so they come again and, in turn, spread the word about your fabulous event.  An exhibitor manual also makes it very easy for exhibitors to work with you and helps them reduce the internal resource they need for your event. So, having an exhibitor manual, hugely benefits your exhibitors as well.

In short, an Exhibitor Manual enables the event organiser and their exhibitors to work simply and effectively  together, ensuring a strong relationship.

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Top 4 benefits of exhibitor manual software

Enhanced Customer Relationships with improved ROI for all
Efficient team management
Peace of mind - everyone has all the information required to ensure a successful and safe event
Once all the information is in place, you only need to add your updates year on year

How Does an Exhibitor Manual Streamline Workflow?

This is achieved in the following way:

  • All your event information is collated and organised into the one place.
  • Clear navigation ensures your exhibitors can find exactly what they are looking for quickly.
  • All your deadlines are listed chronologically so there can be no excuse for missing them, whilst also acting as a checklist.
  • Marketing opportunities are detailed to ensure each exhibitor has the chance to maximise on these benefiting themselves and the event itself.
  • All preferred suppliers are listed so your exhibitors can easily contact them.
  • All forms are managed online where they are uploaded and stored in the one place.
  • Downloadable maps and clear access information is available to all exhibitors and their contractors.
  • Instant updates to your event can be sent to everyone in one go so everyone has the latest information.
  • Relevant event contact information can be found easily.

All the above saves time and resource ensuring your team, and that of your exhibitors, can work efficiently. Consequently, it instantly stops the repetitive emails and any filling in and scanning of forms back and forth.  

An Exhibitor Manual not only helps manage the exhibitor relationship but the actual event itself.

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