Does your branding extend to your Event Technology?

Consistent branding matters. So why settle for event technology that doesn’t reflect your brand? Let’s find out more.
Does your branding extend to your Event Technology?

Apple. Coca-Cola. Ford. Some of the world’s biggest companies got where they are due to their branding as much as their fantastic products. And the most important thing about the way these companies do their branding is that they keep it consistent. No matter where in the world you are, when you see a can of Coke - or an ad for Coke - you know you’re going to see the same red colour, the same fonts and the same layout that you would if you were in your hometown.

Consistent branding matters because:

  • It makes your brand more memorable and recognisable
  • It builds a connection of trust with your target customer
  • It tells the world what you’re about

Now, as an event organiser, you might not believe you have much in common with Apple or Coke, but you should. With effective branding promoted consistently (as well as a great product), you could become the Apple of events. But so many event organisers still don’t consistently communicate with their exhibitors and attendees using technology that reflects their brand - and it does them a disservice. 

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into brandable event technology and how you can use it to delight your customers every time.

Extending your event branding

When you organise an event, you put a huge amount of thought into how your event looks. You design great-looking logos, you create eye-catching colour schemes, and you spend time deciding on a font that appeals to your target customer. You then ensure your designs are consistent across your signage, your literature and your marketing collateral. 

But what about everything else?

Your entire event experience, beginning months or even years before you open your doors, should be an accurate reflection of your brand. Any disconnect in this experience runs the risk of coming across unpolished and damaging your brand. 

This includes your event technology. If your exhibitors, suppliers or attendees interact with you in an online environment of any kind, they should see your branding. Whether it’s your exhibitor manual, your mobile event technology platform, your on-site check-in software or anything else, there’s no excuse for it dragging down your brand, especially when 100% brandable event technology is easily available.

Brandable event technology

The event technology you choose is a representation of your brand. Every interaction with exhibitors and attendees is an opportunity to leave an impression. When considering what technology to use for your event, make branding a deal-breaker. 

Here are some questions to ask your vendors when weighing up event tech options:

  • Can you add your logo? 
  • If so, how prominently will your logo be displayed?
  • Can you use your event colours as background to the platform?
  • Can you add images and videos?
  • Can you select fonts?
  • If the platform sends out emails to customers, will they include your logo and colour scheme?
  • What else can you do to make the tech platform part of your brand rather than the vendor’s?

In today’s world, when we all know the value of consistent branding across all channels, if you don’t like the answers your vendor gives, consider taking your business elsewhere.

Taking branding further

While they’re enormously important, branding is about more than just logos, fonts and colours. As Jeff Bezos (another master brander) said, ‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’

When evaluating event technology, here are three more aspects to consider to ensure it perfectly represents your brand:

  • Reliability - Nobody wins with unreliable technology that’s slow to use or goes down too often. If an exhibitor tries to log onto your platform and it’s unavailable, they might not bother coming back
  • Communication - Your event tech gives you an opportunity to communicate better with your customers, ensuring everything is under control and fixing any problems. Use it as a tool to improve your event experience
  • Ease of use - Allow your exhibitors and attendees to log onto your platform and do what they need to do as simply as possible. For example, create digital forms that are easier to fill in than PDFs or Word documents

Furthermore, you can use your event technology to go the extra mile for your customers. For example, you could enable your technology to help exhibitors make business connections, or let them know about activities and promotions at your event. 

Find out more from Eventflow

You no longer have to settle for event planning software that doesn’t connect with your brand. Instead, you have the opportunity to promote your event brand across multiple channels in a way that will delight potential and existing customers. What’s stopping you becoming the Coca-Cola of the events industry?

Eventflow is a fully brandable exhibitor manual application. We designed the software from the ground up to be an extension of your brand. With Eventflow, you can:

  • Upload your logo and brand colours
  • Incorporate your branding into all customer communications
  • Add images and video

And much, much more.

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